Favorite WordPress Plugins

Favorite WordPress Plugins

이 블로그에 WordPress를 사용하는 이유는 우선 Open Source Software 이면서 웹표준을 철저히 지킨다는 것. 그리고 PHP와 MySQL을 사용하고 있다는 것. 게다가 다양한 플러그인으로 블로그의 기능을 확장시킬 수 있는 것 등이다.

Business Blog Consulting에서 지난 3월에 내놓은 Favorite WordPress Plugins는 WordPress를 위한 플러그인 선택에 도움을 준다. 여기에는 약 20여 가지의 플러그인이 소개되어 있는데 블로그를 운영하는데 있으면 편리한 것들이다.

  1. PodPress – makes it super-simple to post podcasts; includes an inline media player
  2. Popularity Contest – offer a leaderboard of your Most Popular posts based on views and ratings
  3. Google Sitemaps Generator – creates a Google Sitemaps XML file. What’s killer about this is that it uses Popularity Contest’s ratings for the priority scoring that Google uses to determine how frequently to spider your pages
  4. Akismet – you’d be a fool to run a blog with comments turned on and not use this plugin to stop the flood of comment spam
  5. Adhesive – gives you the ability to flag certain posts as “Sticky” so they float to the top of the category page regardless of whether it’s the most recent
  6. Ultimate Tag Warrior – creates tag pages and a tag cloud
  7. EmailShroud – an email address obfuscator to thwart those evil email harvesters. Scans for email addresses in posts, but won’t work on email addresses hard-coded into your theme
  8. Transpose Email – another email address obfuscator. Doesn’t automatically scan for email addresses, but can be used from within your theme files
  9. WP-EMail – “Email this post to a friend” functionality
  10. WP-Print – Printer-friendly version of posts
  11. Subscribe2 – let your readers subscribe to your blog updates via email
  12. In-Series – link posts together into a series, regardless of dates posted or categories selected
  13. Permalink Redirect – fixes the canonicalization problem where the same page loads whether the slash is there or not
  14. Gravatars – puts the commenter’s “Gravatar” image next to their comment
  15. Subscribe to Comments – a commenter can check a box on the comment form so that they get notified of further comments to that post
  16. WP-Notable – places a row of buttons alongside your posts so the reader can easily add your post to their favorite social bookmarks service (del.icio.us, digg, etc.)
  17. A Different Monthly Archive – a pretty way to display links to archives by month
  18. Related Posts – link to related posts automatically based on the content of the post
  19. Related Posts for your 404 – your File Not Found error page can now suggest related posts to the misguided user

이 블로그는 현재 Akismet과 Ultimate Tag Warrior를 사용하고 있다. 시간이 날 때마다 다른 플로그인도 설치해 봐야지…

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